Franken's Duplicity

It seems that the Minnesota Senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken is headed for an automatic recount under the state’s election law. There seems to have been little trouble with the count in Minnesota, increasing confidence that Coleman’s slim lead will survive any fair scrutiny. Al Franken’s lawyer however, has already declared that the count is suspect. And the sole evidence appears to be the fact that Franken lost:

“The odds are that something went wrong with respect to counting.”

That’s what Democrat Al Franken’s campaign counsel, David Lillehaug, said this morning about the prospect of a pending statewide recount in yesterday’s U.S. Senate election in Minnesota. ”We want to make sure that each ballot that was cast is counted appropriately,” he said.

Here’s my question: how can we have any faith that the Franken team is seeking a good-faith and honest count, when they start from the assumption that the current count is wrong?

Minnesota recently completed a manual recount in a statewide race; 7 votes changed out of more than 100,000 cast. Some in Minnesota have attributed the high accuracy rate to the dependability of the state’s voting machines. If that’s accurate, then a recount in the Coleman/Franken race would be unlikely to change the result. Indeed, to the extent that there were any irregularities in the Minnesota election, it seems likely that Franken would be the beneficiary — since ACORN seems to have engaged in questionable voter registration practices (as they do most everywhere), and they endorsed Franken.

It looks like Franken has decided that being nasty has gotten him this far; he might as well ride it a little further.