Another Illegal Vote for Obama

Tiffany Wilson of Palestra.net reports on one New York resident who appears to have shifted her registration to Florida to vote for Obama, and then moved back to New York:

Julietta Appleton’s business and home address are in New York, but she decided to vote in Florida…

She posted a link on ObamaTravel.org – a site designed to help volunteers from non-swing states get to battleground states by connecting them with donors. On the site, she asked for help paying for a flight back “home” to New York after the election. Included, Julietta posted a picture of herself casting a ballot in Miami. I just checked ObamaTravel.org and she removed her posting…

What we know: Julietta’s TravelObama.org posting made it clear she was only staying in Florida for six weeks from September through the election. She asked for help to get back “home” to New York. She has a business website and her phone recording makes it clear that she plans to continue this business after her November 8th return.

Go read Tiffany’s whole news story. This seems to be a blatant case of someone illegally changing her registration simply to enhance Obama’s chances of winning a targeted state. History shows the outcome in Florida is likely to be very close; how many other Obama supporters used Obamatravel.org to move their votes from their home states to Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, or any of several other battlegrounds?