It's Hard to Love those Pennsylvania Racists

Jonathan Alford has a stunning piece in Salon about how Barack Obama’s campaign views the people of Western Pennsylvania:

With U.S. Rep. John Murtha making news about calling Western Pennsylvanians racist, Julia tells me about her own awful experiences driving through those rural towns. “I will never go back there again,” she says. I ask her what will change these people. “Prayer and love,” she says. “It’s hard to love these people. But Jesus didn’t say it was easy. We just have to be firm and things will change.”

“But these white voters are religious too,” I say.

“Just because you get in your car and go in and out of your garage, that don’t make you a car,” she says. “These folks going in and out of church, but it don’t make them religious. I have learned so much from Barack, the way he can just stand there and take it, and not get angry or lash out. I think that is the way.”

Angela interjects, “I can’t believe this is happening in my lifetime. The Lord has anointed him to be the bringer of change. I just feel it running through me.” She begins to sway a little and raise her arms over her head.

And you thought that people were speaking in jest when they referred to Obama as ‘The One.’ It sounds like it’s an internal strategy.

And how much abuse is the Democratic team going to heap on the middle-income voters of the midwest — whom it claims to be trying to protect?