A Healthy Trend in Pennsylvania

I can’t tell you who’s going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow, but it seems rather likely that whoever takes the state is probably going to win the White House as well. And if you’re the McCain campaign, the direction of the polls in the state seems to be pretty clear:

Take a look at the most recent polls in Pennsylvania: Rasmussen shows McCain shaving a point off Obama’s lead since its last poll, although he still leads by 6 points. Morning Call shows the lead cut in half — from 12 points to 6, in less than two weeks. Survey USA shows similar improvement — from 12 points to 7. Quinnipiac has the race moving from a 13 point Obama advantage to 10 points over a comparable time period. The Muhlenberg college tracking poll shows the state moving from a 12 point race to 6 points as well.

Can McCain eliminate the rest of Obama’s lead in one day? That’s a legitimate question, but it’s also very unlikely that the polls fully reflect the revelations over the weekend about Barack Obama’s plans to destroy the coal industry. If there’s any issue that seems tailor-made to move votes in the states, it’s likely to be coal and jobs.