Nutroots Still Have no Principle

This is pathetic beyond words:

When will Democratic leaders realize that every time Joe Lieberman spouts right-wing talking points on TV as a “Democrat” or attends a Republican press conference as a “Democrat,” that spites their face big-time?

So here’s the plan. Immediately after Election Day, if Democrats don’t need Lieberman as their 60th vote in the Senate, progressive activists in Nevada will stand in front of Harry Reid’s office for hours and read your letters to Harry Reid about Joe Lieberman.

Media will be invited. It will be a grand spectacle, and Harry Reid will get the hint that in the progressive era, he needs to be bold. And the first step is to boot Joe Lieberman. Write your letter to Reid here or below… That’s right: the netroots will gratefully welcome back into the fold their public enemy number one, as long as he votes with them on filibusters. Lieberman has been labeled a traitor by the netroots. They ran a primary against him. They portrayed him as an Uncle Tom and mocked him for kissing President Bush. There’s no Republican that earns the vitriol of the Left the way Lieberman does. But if they need him to sustain a filibuster, then we’ll let him stay in the club (no consideration is given of course, to the question of whether Lieberman wants to remain).

And now the best part: this suggestion comes from a website called ‘Bold Progressives.’

I think they may need to change the name.