John Hall (D-NY) Fires Consultant for Illegal Vote

Back when I worked for a U.S. Congressman, I understood pretty clearly that the law required me to vote only once, and to vote where I made my official residence. Apparently one employee of Congressman John Hall doesn’t understand that:

Congressman John Hall (D-Dover Plains) fired one of his long-time campaign advisers Tuesday, after learning that she’s embroiled in voter fraud investigations in Ohio.

Amy Little, 49, has been a registered Democrat in New York since 1991, and Ulster County election officials said she voted in the party primary here in February.

But in October, Little registered to vote in Ohio. On her registration paperwork, she indicated she moved from her home at 142 Guilford Schoolhouse Road in New Paltz to a place at 1979 N. 4th St. in Columbus, near Ohio State University.

That Ohio address also doubles as headquarters for a grassroots get-out-the-vote group called Vote Today Ohio. The organization’s pro-Obama Web site says it targets “young people from campus/urban centers” and drives them to early voting sights in Ohio. The group also offers housing to out-of-town members…

Hall’s campaign paid Little $11,139 in consulting and travel fees over the last nine months. The payments were sent to her New Paltz address.

It seems that when you’re a big Barack Obama supporter, complying with the law doesn’t matter as much. Obama supporters demonstrated that when they temporarily moved to Ohio to vote, while planning to return to their home states.

John Hall’s GOP opponent is Iraq veteran Kieran Michael Lalor. His website is here.

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