Waffles Is Back!

Well, the polls are against us, so I can be forgiven a little nostalgia for the last empty suit the Democrats nominated; a man who was — and is — immune to learning from his mistakes. I speak of course, of John ‘Waffles’ Kerry, whose presidential bid was derailed by the admission that he voted for the $87 billion before he voted against it.

Kerry hasn’t changed a bit. In his recent Senate debate with Republican challenger Jeff Beatty, Kerry asserted that he does not have a pro-Roe v. Wade litmus test for Supreme Court nominees — except if his vote might make a difference:

Both candidates said they do not support a litmus test on the issue in selecting judges, but Beatty said he is opposes abortion rights. An adopted child, Beatty said that he’s, “awful glad that my birth mother chose not to abort me.” But Beatty also said that overturning Roe v. Wade is not one of his legislative priorities.

“I’m not looking to go out and change the Constitution on this issue or, take any other significant action on this issue,” he said.

Kerry also said he does not have a litmus test when deciding which judges to support and that he would be willing to support a qualified judge that opposes Roe v. Wade. However, Kerry also said he would not support a judge that opposes abortion rights if his vote would determine whether the nominee was confirmed for the Supreme Court.

“If it’s the deciding vote, no way,” Kerry said.

To put it another way, Kerry asserts that he has no litmus test, but for him the issue of overriding importance is that the Senate not confirm a nominee who doesn’t swear allegiance at the altar of Roe. How’s that for not having a litmus test? The national media routinely attack Republicans for not being very intelligent; it’s a shame none of them were on hand to see John Kerry in action.

Lest you think that was the only entertainment that viewers got for their dime, Kerry also offered to produce a letter from Bob Shrum to prove that he only votes his conscience:

Kerry was immediately asked to respond to charge Beatty made in the previous debate that he voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq for political reasons leading up to his run for the presidency. Beatty had cited a passage from Bob Shrum’s book, No Excuses, and Kerry said he has received a letter from Shrum that stated he made no such claim.

“The letter says very clearly that under no circumstance did he write or did he insinuate or did I vote anything other than my conscience,” Kerry said.

Kerry did not have the letter with him, but immediately said he is willing to release the letter.

Well, if Bob Shrum says that John Kerry votes his conscience, who am I to quibble?