Liberals Against Free Speech

When Sarah Palin spoke in Grand Junction, Colorado the other day, a group of protesters tried to block her motorcade. Here’s a pretty pathetic video they put up, hoping to catch an example of the police abusing them. That effort is utterly wasted, as the police handle themselves appropriately and with class throughout — including at the end, when the nearest police officer says ‘thank you’ as he walks away from the frustrated cameraman (language warning):

The protesters begin by shouting ‘off the sidewalk and into the street.’ They continue to play the victims, as they seek to silence Governor Palin. All along they act as if they’re being treated harshly, and at the end the cameraman is reduced to sneering like a grade schooler. The local community is currently voting pretty heavily against them on the local news website. Be sure to watch their report on this as well, to see just the sort of dim bulbs the police are dealing with.

If these protesters are typical of Barack Obama’s college-age supporters, I hope he’s not counting on them to get their acts together to come to the polls.