Al Franken's Completely Radioactive

The latest polling from Minnesota shows Al Franken falling far behind in his bid to upset Norm Coleman. It seems that his salacious writings, his record of lawbreaking and hypocrisy, and his negative tone is taking its toll. With that in mind, Franken has gotten his wife — whose struggle with alcohol make her a deeply sympathetic figure — to reintroduce him and testify to his character:

After all the complaints from the Left about Sarah Palin allegedly ‘using’ her family as a prop, this is a stunner. Franken must judge himself awfully far behind to resort to a tactic that they’ve angrily accused Republicans of employing.

Beyond that, the track record of candidates sending out their spouses to fight their battles doesn’t seem very encouraging. It didn’t work for John and Elizabeth Edwards. It didn’t work when former Congressman Don Sherwood’s wife sent a letter to constituents vouching for his character. It didn’t work when Kitty Dukakis stumped for her dispassionate husband.

If history is any guide, you can close the book on Senator Franken’s career before it starts.