NRSC (Almost) Catches DSCC in Cash on Hand

It’s about time:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee narrowed its cash disadvantage in August, outraising its Democrat counterparts, which spent nearly $14 million in one month primarily on television airtime in North Carolina, Oregon, Mississippi and Colorado.

On Sept. 1, the NRSC had $26.8 million in cash after raising $5.2 million and spending $3.8 million during the previous month, according to numbers released by the committee Friday afternoon.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Sept. 1 had $33.67 million on hand after taking in $4.36 million and writing checks totaling $13.69 million.

The fact is that the NRSC closed the gap largely because the DSCC spent so much in August on key Senate races– and polls in all of these states shows that Democrats have a shot to win. The bright spot for the Republicans is not only that they outraised the DSCC, it’s also that this strong fundraising isn’t due to a wave of Palinmania (since her debut was August 29). Instead, the NRSC caught up on the strength of the energy issue. That means that September is likely to be much better. With Barack Obama too cash-strapped with Congressional races, the Democratic Senate candidates will probably be outspent from here on.

Recall too, that the RNC has a stunning cash edge over Howard Dean’s DNC. Undoubtedly a fair chunk of that will go to leveling the playing field between McCain and Obama. Some of it however, may find its way to these evenly-balanced Senate races. At the end, if may be a Republican cash advantage that prevails.