Joe Klein: Palin, Obama and... Myself Are 'Embarrassments'

What’s the ‘Bush Doctrine?’ Apparently, it depends on who you ask. Most invoke it to describe the policy that treats terrorist-supporters as terrorists themselves. To others it refers to the promotion of liberal democracy. But to Joe ‘A Joke’ Klein Sarah Palin is ‘an embarrassment’ because she doesn’t know it refers to… pre-emptive war.

Who else can we lump in with Palin — among those who don’t know that ‘The Bush Doctrine’ means pre-emptive war?

Well, Barack Obama for one:

In a conference call with reporters, Obama said Clinton would continue the “Bush doctrine” of only speaking to leaders of rogue nations if they first meet conditions laid out by the United States. He went on to suggest that being “trapped by a lot of received wisdom” led members of Congress — including Clinton — to authorize the war in Iraq.

“The Bush administration’s policy is to say that he will not talk with these countries unless they meet various preconditions — that’s their explicit policy, and that was the question that was posed at the debate,” Obama said. “This is the assertion that she made during the debate and subsequently, was that she would not meet with various leaders unless certain preconditions were met. Now, if that’s not what she means, then she should say so, but that was the question that was posed at the debate.”

So to Barack Obama, the Bush Doctrine means establishing conditions before meeting with the heads of rogue states. Recall that The One wants to meet with terrorists like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unconditionally.

Who else doesn’t know what the Bush doctrine is? Joe Klein:

One can only imagine the Republican wrath and utter ridicule—the Rush Limbaugh fulminations—if, say, John Kerry had proposed a similar policy: Let’s pin our Middle East hopes on the statesmanship of Hizballah and Hamas. But that is where the democratic idealism of the Bush Doctrine has led us. If the President turns out to be right—and let’s hope he is—a century’s worth of woolly-headed liberal dreamers will be vindicated. And he will surely deserve that woolliest of all peace prizes, the Nobel.

Democratic idealism? Joe Klein is an embarrassment, too! Well, at least he was able to project the ultimate outcome in Iraq as far back as 10 months ago:

The best case scenario is a testy stability, most likely under a Shi’ite strongman, who will be (relatively) independent of Iran and (relatively) independent of us.

Joe Klein: smart enough to sneer at Sarah Palin, arrogant enough to ignore his own ignorance, and in-the-tank enough to give Barack Obama a pass.