Numbers That Ought to Terrify Barack Obama

One reason that Barack Obama’s campaign is experiencing such trouble right now is that the independent voters who will decide this election have more faith in John McCain than Barack Obama. Take a look at the latest Fox News/Opinion Dynamics survey. Independents trust McCain over Obama by a margin of 58%-30% on Iraq; by 62%-25% on the War on Terror; by 46%-35% on energy independence; and, by 45%-40% on the economy.

When asked whether they’d feel more comfortable with McCain or Obama in charge in the event of a terrorist attack, independents favor McCain by 65%-22%. On the question of which ticket has better judgment, better experience, and more of an ability to bring real change to Washington — McCain/Palin leads on all. When asked, independents rate Obama as more of a talker than a doer — by a margin of 55%-26%. The numbers are reversed for McCain: they rate him a doer by a margin of 58%-21%.

Fox also includes the best survey question I’ve ever seen asked: If stranded on a deserted island, who would be best at surviving on their own. If you think Obama and Biden did well here, you’re clearly not paying enough attention.