If Obama's Team Thinks Like Jane Hamsher, McCain Will Cruise

Here’s a fascinating exchange between Jane Hamsher and Jim Pinkerton, regarding the attack on Georgia and the longstanding Republican edge on foreign affairs and national security:

Hamsher is convinced that neither Obama nor Democrats more generally are seen as less trustworthy than McCain and the Republicans on issues of national security. She sees the American people as decisively rejecting Republican arguments. You have to wonder who she socializes with.

By her logic, Obama and the Democrats should have clear and decisive edges on national security and foreign policy. Yet it’s McCain who has the decisive edge over Obama on these issues. Polls also show that Americans believe the U.S. is winning the War on Terror, and the situation in Iraq will continue to improve. (Although it is true that Democrats generally have an edge on national security and Iraq.)

Polls can change. Obama might yet convince the American people that he’s better prepared than McCain to keep American safe at home and abroad. But it’s hard to imagine how. Pinkerton is right that a majority of Americans has consistently regarded the Republicans as better defenders of national security; it’s why Americans have consistently elected Republican presidents when they fear foreign threats. And considering Obama’s missteps on Georgia, it seems most likely that he’s at his high point right now.

The amazing thing that comes out throughout the clip however, is that Hamsher seems to think that all of America thinks like liberal Democrats do. That comes through most clearly in the last 15 seconds or so, when she giggles at Pinkerton’s argument that Mark Penn’s strategy may represent a winning formula for McCain in the general election. Why does Hamsher think that the idea is so funny? Because she believes that the American public at large will behave exactly as Democratic primary voters did.

If Obama’s advisers think like Hamsher, McCain’s already won the election.