How Desperate is Christine Gregoire?

Democrats in Washington state seem to think they’ve latched on to a big issue to bring down the gubernatorial campaign of Republican Dino Rossi: a Democratic operative keeps showing up at Rossi rallies, and recently managed to get himself escorted out of a police union hall.

Compelling video, huh? A jerk pretends that there’s no difference between a credentialed member of the media, and a paid operative of the Democratic party. And having ignored repeated requests to leave, he is escorted out — politely but firmly.

What will average voters think? Judging by some of the comments at Fark.com — a left-leaning crowd — it’s not likely to help Gregoire’s campaign:

…the guy was not just being an ass. He was actually breaking the law in a room full of cops. He had been informed that he was not welcome in a private facility and persisted in being in the room. He then refused to leave the grounds again after being asked to leave by the property owners. He then refused a lawful order from a police officer…

He had been ordered off the property and decided to go back in anyhow. Then he plays dumb when they tell him to leave again. They should have just arrested him.

I’m an ACLU-card-carrying-die-hard-liberal, and I can’t see why a cameraman thinks he’s allowed onto private property without express permission, even if there are other cameras in operation on the premises.

You know, I hate GOP goon squads as much as the next guy, but there’s nothing in that video that convinces me that the candidate was involved in harassing this dude. Also, the cameraman is just another “don’t taze me bro!” loser who thinks being told he’s not allowed to do whatever he wants constitutes violation of his civil liberties.

If this is the response you’re getting at Fark.com, you’ve really latched on to a colossal nothing burger. If this is the best you got, the race must really be going badly.