Liberal Browshirt Group Has Surprising Inspiration

The New York Times writes today about the newly-formed liberal ‘watchdog’ group, Accountable America:

The newly formed group, Accountable America, is planning to send “warning” letters to nearly 10,000 major Republican donors next week listing the potential legal and publicity headaches they might face if they decide to finance one of these groups.

The mailings will also include an announcement of a $100,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the criminal conviction or fines of at least $10,000 for the violation of campaign finance laws or other statutes by a conservative outside group.

The reward is emblematic of the strong-arm tactics envisioned by Tom Matzzie, a veteran liberal political operative who is running the new group. As Ed Morrissey points out, the group is only likely to make conservatives more motivated. (Imagine what Rush Limbaugh will do with this.) But as Ed points out, Matzzie hasn’t exactly set the world on fire with some of his previous efforts.

Along those lines, I have to wonder about an extraordinary coincidence: the name and logo for Matzzie’s new organization…


Bear a stunning resemblance to those of a conservative media watchdog group established several years ago:


What are the chances that Matzzie’s crew could have come up with a name and logo that so closely matched those of ‘Accountable 2 America,’ whose website dates from at least 2006?

I wonder if Matzzie’s group intends to take a position on intellectual property theft?