They gave us a gift today

I was furious at first, but the more I think about it, I realize that this isn’t all bad. Today was not a complete loss.

Because the vote passed by a tiny margin, we can credibly and accurately hold any Democrat accountable for the effects that it will have or the effects that the bill intends to have, even if nothing comes out of the senate on it.

For example:

Tom Perriello ran as a moderate Democrat and then voted for this bill.

On whatever day of the month that electricity bills go out in the district, let’s send a reminder to all voters that Congressman Perriello voted for the bill that will, in Obama’s own words, skyrocket electricity prices.

If for some reason the bill doesn’t come out of the senate, we’ll still send the reminder out, letting people know that if Perriello had his way, prices would have skyrocketed.

When gas shoots up to 4 dollars a gallon this fall, even if Cap and Trade hasn’t passed the senate yet, Perriello voted for the bill that would and will make things worse. Let’s put up signs around gas stations thanking Tom Perriello for raising the price of gasoline. I’m sure there are plenty of friendly station owners that wouldn’t mind.

When unemployment hits 10 percent, let’s remind the district that Tom Perriello voted for an explictly jobs-killing bill. The day it hits 10 percent we should have letters in every local newspaper, reminding people of the bill that Perriello voted for.

When a manufacturing plant shuts down of moves to China, let’s remind the district that the greenhouse gasses are still being produced, the only things gone are the American jobs. And remind them who made this possible.

Whenever Tom Perriello speaks about the economy, or promises to promote job creation, we’ll have a plant at his events asking him why he voted for a bill that will send millions of American jobs overseas. Ask him how he has the credibility to talk about creating jobs after he voted to destroy jobs.

That’s how I plan on using this against my representative. Do the same for yours.

Don’t let this passion run out or the issue die. If Clinton’s attempt to end DODA was overreaching, this is overreaching on steroids.

We took the time to make a phone call, now let’s take the time to write some letters to the editor. Keep this issue going.

My talking points will be:

1. This won’t stop any greenhouse gasses, it will just move them to China and Brazil.

2. This will move American jobs overseas.

3. In this economy, to send jobs overseas and hurt our economy with absolutely no benefits is insane.

4. Congressman Perriello ran as a moderate, but he’s voting as a far-left liberal.