Setting the Record Straight

Note from Erick: Brian Walsh asked if I’d put this up as a response to Leon’s from this morning.

One of my responsibilities is to work to set the public record straight, particularly when I see yourself and others publishing items that are simply not accurate.   This tends to happen when you don’t take the time to ever contact the subject you’re writing about.
Unfortunately, I note that this pattern continues here in your post above – you write, “the indisputable facts (which Walsh dances around, in typical comms shop style) are that the DeVore campaign has sent at least four communications to John Cornyn or his staff requesting a meeting with the Senator, all of which have been either ignored or rebuffed.” 
The problem is that your statement is contradicted by a story in The Hill newspaper this morning which you can read here — And please note this sentence in particular – “DeVore’s campaign acknowledges that it didn’t formally request a meeting until last week.”
Unfortunately this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. 

In a RedState post on Monday – Despite Claiming Otherwise, the NRSC Endorses Carly Fiorina – this was written, “of course, what they did not tell CQ is that they really have no intention of doing that. Take Chuck DeVore for example. He has tried a half dozen times to meet with John Cornyn, but has been rebuffed each time. In fact, Cornyn said last week he would love to meet with DeVore, but failed to mention his staff has rebuffed every single offer to meet by the DeVore campaign.”
Yet, that statement was contradicted by Mr. DeVore himself in a recent interview with CNN – “But DeVore said he has not made any effort to meet with national Republican officials because he knows who the NRSC is supporting, and doesn’t want to provide them with “valuable intelligence that they would simply pass on to Carly Fiorina.” 
I recognize, as you note in your post above, that blog posts will often by minimally sourced. I understand that and frankly enjoy the opportunity to work with bloggers because I believe it’s important to have a dialogue.  But we’ll work to correct the record when posts such as yours are at odds with the public record and the facts — and when we see a campaign sending out information which they themselves know to be false. 
To be clear, the NRSC has not made any endorsement in the California Senate race and has no intention of making an endorsement.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with any individual or campaign who believes, as we do, that Barbara Boxer’s leadership has been disastrous for California and our country.   And is interested, as we are, to devoting the necessary time and energy to electing new Republican leaders to the Senate next year.  I appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight and the opportunity to have a frank and open dialogue.