Really DHS!?! Really!?!

With just about every move by the Federal Government having the average American scratching their head, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has decided to begin their own series titled “REALLY!?!? with American for Tax Reform” modeled after the famous Saturday Night Live sketches.

Every week, ATR will find the most mind-boggling move committed by the ever-growing, ever-taxing, ever-spending group of thinkers that roam the Nation’s Capital (and then make fun of them).

The introductory story? The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has found a new “enemy”, since it appears they are deciding that “terrorist acts” no longer exist, and that the “War on Terror” has also vanished from the face of the planet. So who is DHS now focusing on that merits the greatest potential for harming the nation? You guessed it… CONSERVATIVES!

An excerpt from this first installment:

Seriously? The Department of Homeland Security? The guys with the multi-billion dollar budget who are supposed to protect us from terrorists and other bad people are targeting the conservative grassroots tea parties? Really!?!

You have nothing better to do? Really!?!

So when you think terror, you think Edmund Burke admiring, tea wasting, tax hike loathing, free speech upholding, constitution loving protestors who took the day to symbolize their opposition to the current statist agenda. Really DHS? Really?!

Please visit www.atr.org daily to see what the weekly installment of “Really!?! wtih ATR” will highlight next. If you know of something that you feel is worthy of a feature, please comment under the most recent “Really!?!” post for consideration.

Also – for Twitter, use #Really!?! for all your outrageous news stories.

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