Obama’s “Green Jobs” mean another kind of “Green” for the Unions

The recent push to “go green” by many industries in America was a theme that echoed throughout President Obama’s endless campaign rhetoric. However, what Obama didn’t tell his listeners was just exactly who America would be “partnering” up with to make this dream a reality.

Let there be no doubt that the need to look to alternative energy is real, as well as making use of the energy sources we use now both as efficient and safe as possible. We can also take solace in the idea that going “Green” will not hurt American productivity as long as we incentivize it making sure that those doing the “heavy-lifting” are the ones who will be rewarded.

Enter President Obama (stage left)… and standing by his side Organized Labor, ready to reap in the benefits of the push for “Green Jobs”; while at the same time making sure they add more names to their roll sheets regardless of whether those names want to partner up with the unions or not. The provisions for the Green Jobs Act of 2007, contained in the recently “passed” Pelosi-Obama-Reid Stimulus Bill explicitly state:

ELIGIBILITY- To be eligible to receive a grant under clause (i), an entity shall be a non-profit partnership that—

I. includes the equal participation of industry, including public or private employers, and labor organizations, including joint labor-management training programs, and may include workforce investment boards, community-based organizations, educational institutions, small businesses, cooperatives, State and local veterans agencies, and veterans service organizations; and…

This is a far cry from “change we can believe in” However, is anyone surprised that a Democratic President is trying to benefit Labor, without any regard for the individual employee/employer?? If you have even the slightest doubt, just look at how much money Labor has given to the Democratic Party over the years. STAGGERING.

The fight to make sure that the “Green Jobs” initiative gets revamped and looks more like legislation that can benefit taxpaying workers as opposed to “fat-cat” Labor Donors, is not without a few good men. Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.) has put forth the Green Jobs Improvement Act, endorsed by the Alliance for Worker Freedom, and several other organizations, which will ensure that every company that wants to help America “go green” can do so without having to be beholden to the Labor Unions that fill the donor lists of the DNC.

This entry was authored by Amir Iljazi, federal affairs associate at Americans for Tax Reform.