Big Labor's Christmas Wish List (if you gave $600 million, you'd expect some darn nice gifts too)

If you were good this Christmas, you might get candy or that new toy you wanted.

For those who were a bit naughty, the presents might resemble lumps of coal or switches.

But what do you get if you were very naughty…but…happened to give $600 million to the left? Well, Santas Pelosi and Reid will probably give you whatever you wanted. Oh, and I am sure Obama will be just as jolly.

What exactly can you deck your halls with for $600 million? Well, “card check” for starters. What better Christmas gift than to disenfranchise millions of workers by taking away their right to a private, secret ballot when voting on unionization? I can think of a few…

Of course, I am referring to labor unions. With Big Labor giving 91 percent of political contributions to Democrats according to OpenSecrets.org in the recent 2008 giving cycle, the Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF) has put together a “Christmas Wish List” of what Big Labor wants. This new 111th Congress has the choice: either side with worker freedom or become union puppets.

In addition, AWF will be discussing various items on Big Labor’s Christmas Wish List with their new YouTube Series “A Very Big Labor Christmas” featuring several special guests. View all the episodes and other videos at www.youtube.com/WorkerFreedom.

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