GOP: Don't Have "Bush-Syndrome" & Actually Learn a Lesson

Below are some various trends and stats that I have compiled from the 2008 Presidential election.

Surprisingly, the Catholic shift. Not surprising, the immigration shift. Talk about messaging. Seriously, just take Latino immigrants. Catholic, family-centric, hard-working, familiar with small businesses, and until we piss them off, most likely to be Center-Right. What happens when we do make them mad by, oh, I don’t know, coming off as protectionist racists…they vote for the other guy. Duh!

So note to GOP – learn lessons. Don’t have “Bush-Syndrome” and never learn from anything you do, take notes, actually learn a lesson and DON’T DO THIS AGAIN!

Obama, first D since Carter to win 50%+ of the vote. (Carter won 50.1%)

Obama won 66% of the Latino vote

Obama won Latinos in Florida by 15 points, a group that voted Republican by )12 points only 4 years ago

Bush won 44% of Latinos in 2004

Rejection of immigration as perceived as part of the Republican platform )caught up and probably helped cost the R’s Florida. Messaging on immigration )is crucial this coming cycle.

Obama won 95% of black vote; Kerry won 88% of black vote

Obama won 66% of people aged 18-29 and 68% of first time voters

Obama lost whites without a college education by 18 points

Almost 1 in 5 voters who voted for Bush shifted to Obama

Obama won 54% of Catholics – Kerry won 47%; big gains.

D’s improved 17 points on voters who earn more than $200k a year – would )have been nice if McCain actually talked about the differences between him )and Obama on taxes, investments and the economy!

So…get to work GOP. With the redistricting in the House and a chance to take back some seats (think 1994 revolution) there is [insert synonym for hope as that word is now tarnished].