When the Business Community Strays Far, Very Far, from the Reservation

Recently, in Human Events and in the DC Examiner I have referred to this election as the “Worker Freedom” election – indicating that this election will either make-it-or-break-it for Big Labor.

Yet with the millions, or even billions, of dollars the business community and some trade associations represent, this election should not be the worker freedom election.

Why? Because presumably, businesses (represented by the business community) support lowering the corporate income tax, oppose massive unionization, support lowering the capital gains tax, oppose EFCA (card check), etc, etc and the list goes on and on. There is one candidate and one party that supports all of the things the business community wants and the other candidate and party opposes – on tax issues, energy issues, and labor issues.

So with all that weight, the Republicans, who support lower taxes and oppose card check, should have the full support of the business community and their resources and we should be taking back Democrat Senate seats in districts and states that went Bush twice, right? Wrong!

So why isn’t that happening…

Well, a funny thing happened and it has a lot to do with the fact that a compromise is not a compromise if one side wins and the other side loses.

Allow me to provide an example (this is just one example-there are many).

A group opposes Card Check, publically and vehemently. A candidate endorses, co-sponsors and votes for Card Check. Then that same group who opposed Card Check, endorses the candidate who endorsed Card Check.

I will be the first to admit that I do not know all of the circumstances surrounding this specific case, but a quick gut check would tell you that if you are, on principle, opposed to Card Check, then you do not endorse a candidate who co-sponsors the bill that you have spent your members dues to oppose.

Not surprisingly, that Democrat candidate is now winning, by a clear margin, in a state, in the deep South, that went Bush twice.

Now that your head has stopped spinning and you have stoped cursing at the monitor, this is a debate and a dialogue (a painful one at that), that is vitally necessary and important to have.

So, let’s have one…thoughts?