Just Released: 2008 Election 401(k) Calculator

Americans for Tax Reform just hosted a conference call with Dr. John Rutledge of Rutledge Capital, Grover Norquist and Ryan Ellis (the “tax earmark warrior”).

Here’s how it works, you type in the current value of your 401(k) and the calculator takes the McCain and Obama tax plans and treatments of stocks and assets and applies them to your value. And voila…there you have it.

It also looks at the Congressional Democrat’s plan as well as the ATR plan, which is a zero capital gains tax rate, and lots of other goodies.

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, the average 401(k) balance is about $121,202.

The other good thing about this 401(k) Calculator, is it is a widget format. Meaning all you other bloggers and organizations with websites can pick it up using the HTML found here and place it on your site.

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I am sure any reactions to your loss or gains will be appreciated.