Dear Sen. Reid...

Friends of ATR Blog posted this faux letter to Sen. Reid today, (I dare someone to send it – just kidding!)

Senate voted today, 52-42 against Sen Reid’s Second Stimulus today that included a ban on shale oil, ouch.

Dear Sen. Reid,

Man, tough loss, that must really hurt. But hey, not everyone wants to keep Americans broke. You know, that $5 a gallon stuff really scares most people – not you, but most people. You look $5/gallon in the face and laugh. And that’s cool, for you, not us.

And anyway, what’s with all these welfare subsidies – aren’t we supposed to be getting people off that stuff. I mean, it’s just bad.

But listen, now that we have shale oil and OCS drilling, please don’t throw a temper tantrum and shut off lights and cameras and stuff like that. It’s just not cool. Someone might bump their head on something with no lights. And some of these guys are old, that’s just dangerous.

Look, we know you’re down right now, but cheer up. I am sure you can think of another way to tax Americans back into the stone-age and keep us depended on the government for another 1,000 years. Just look at Russia, no, not modern day Russia, I’m talking U.S.S.R style…there may be a few lessons there.

Keep your head up.

PS – You did manage to drag some of our friends along with you (Coleman, Collins, Dole, Smith, Snowe, Specter). I don’t know how you work that Vodoo-that-you-do?? Can you tell us?