Oh Joe....Just Keep Talking. Please!

Sen. Joe Biden; otherwise known as the gift that keeps on giving, has done it again. Thanks Joe!

You know those microphone’s that the NFL use to “Mic Up” quarterbacks and other players…we should always have one of those on Biden. Man, that guy would win the election for us.

Anyway, I digress.

According to ABC News (and I kid you not), Biden said recently when speaking to a group of trial lawyers:

“There are two people — you’ve heard me say it before — two groups that stand between us and the barbarians at the gate. It’s you [trial lawyers] and organized labor. That’s it. That is it. So, mark my words, mark my words, if we lose this election, you are going to continue to see a continuation of the onslaught on everything we care about. For real. For real. So, I’m not only thanking you for your help. I would think you’re all absolutely brain-dead if you didn’t help. And I mean it.”

Wow. Really Jow?!? Really?!? Wow.

So trial lawyers and labor unions are between us and the “barbarians”, well maybe when you use the word “us” it means something different than when I use it.