Energy Freedom Day - Free at Last, Free at Last

If you haven’t checked your blackberry today, or received the emails from Sen. Demint or Rep. Hensarling’s offices…we won!

Well, depending on which “we” you consider yourselfs, those of us who want lower gas prices, increased American energy production, and to keep the 600,000+ jobs in this country…”we” won!

I am refering to reports that House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep. Obey has removed the lanugage that extends the OCS ban from the year end spending bill.

Sen. DeMint and Rep. Henarling have been spearheading an effort to secure American Energy Freedom Day on October 1st, and their efforts appear to have paid off.

Now we can only hope that the kick-backs the greenies and the trial lawyers don’t stand in the way of lowering prices and increasing exploration.

So…is this just a political ploy from the left or a real attempt to lower prices. Thoughts?