Apparently the Senate Believes in Two Wrongs Deserve a Third


Americans for Tax Reform has been keeping track of the energy debate on their blog and tracking those Senators who are part of the Gang of Sixteen (formerly the Gang of Ten)and criticizing them for supporting energy solutions that increase taxes.

Well, to add insult to stupidity (or something like that), some of the “Gang’s” members have also decided to join another group – the DeMint/Hensarling group that wants to open all OCS land for drilling.

The hypocrisy? These same knuckle-heads are part of an energy plan that only allows a four-state OCS opt-in while at the same time signing something that opens all OCS drilling.

Really?!? Is taxing American energy $30 billion worth the OCS compromise?

Really?!? Chambliss, Graham and Thune are all Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers and are supporting a Sec. 199 repeal in an election season? Really?!?