McCain to Lobbyists: "Birds of Prey"

Recently, McCain has called lobbyists “birds of prey” according to Politico.

He even went as far as to say:

“Lobbyists don’t come to my office. Because they know they’re not going to be an earmark. They know they’re not going to get a pork-barrel project. Senator Obama’s gotten lots of ’em.”

Let me take this time to remind the Senator that lobbyists are people first (people who vote), and their occupation secondly.

McCain continued:,

“Whenever there’s a corrupt system, then you’re going to have these birds of prey descend on it to get their share of the spoils.”

Personally, I’m a bit offended. However, not offended enough to vote for a socialist tax-hiker!

But, with over 37,000 registered lobbyists in the Washington, DC area alone, I might have choosen different words.