Word of the Day - Hypocrisy


Merriam-Webster defines hypocrite as, “A person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.”

Americans for Tax Reform defines hypocrisy as, “Joining a group-policy that includes tax hikes on energy companies and grants only limited OCS access to four states while at the same time signing a letter that supports the full access of all states to OCS drilling by allowing the moratorium to expire on Oct 1st.”

If you’re signing a petition that supports honoring October 1st, 2008 as American Energy Freedom Day and then have no mention of this plan in your bi-partisan energy compromise – well friends, that makes you a hypocrite.

Energy policy should include fiscally responsible principles as well as sound policy to reduce the cost for consumers at the pump.

More supply = lower cost, Econ 101.

Or did they not teach that at D.W. Daniel High School or C.E. Byrd High School?