The Huffington Post and Andrew Belonsky are Afraid to Debate Me - Bring It On

Yesterday I recieved a Google Alert that some guy named Andrew Belonsky of The Huffinton Post, linked to my post, “Nationalizing Banks is a Socialist Idea that Only a European Economist would Endorse” and then attacked me as “not-so-darling conservative operative Brian Darling.” He claimed that nationalizing banks is not a socialist solution to our nations’ banking problems. I registered as a new user at THP last night and drafted a response. Not suprisingly, the left wingers at THP don’t believe in debate and the never posted my response. They did post four other post, three lauding Belonsky’s defense of socialism and one neutral comment. I think it fair that if a blog attacks an individual by name, they should allow for that individual to respond. 

Submitted at 10:30pm last night:

Andrew – I think you need to come to grip with your inner socialist. You wrote, “In the end, the ‘nationalization’ question comes down to ownership — who owns this nation? Is it private banks and executives buying new corporate jets? Is it Bernie Madoff, who allegedly lost a good portion of the country’s cash? No. It’s you, it’s me — it’s the everyday American who loves this nation.” These guys don’t “own this nation” but they do play a managerial role in the management of their businesses. You want the government to take over the management of banks. The government to taking over banks and other corporations is a socialist idea. You ar one of two things – a closeted socialist or a disingenuous socialist.
You close with “the tough times we face now may require equally revolutionary tactics.” Andrew – I will fight you in your Fidel Castro like revolution to nationalize private enterprise and, I expect, patriots who love capitalism and the free market will also join my fight.

Aside from the merits of the debate over nationalization, the acts of THP and Belonsky shows the complete lack of respect for the victim of the hit piece. I don’t know if I should blame the editors of THP or Andrew Belonsky himself, but either way, The Huffington Post did not have the spine to allow my reponse to be posted.

Lesson learned – Don’t trust The Huffington Post to allow reasonable debate. As for Belonsky, I will debate you any time, any where, on the merits of nationalizing banks if you have the stomach for it. Evidently we can’t have this debate on the pages of THP.

Let me be clear, I believe that if you own a blog, it is your private property and you should be able to post your opinions.  You should have the legal and ethical capacity to not publish every (or any for that matter) comment if you so choose.  As a matter of comity and fair play, I believe that bloggers should (I don’t say must) allow the victim of an attack to respond.  It seems only fair. 

The Huffington Post directly attacked my idea that nationalization is socialism and disparaged me as a “conservative operative.”  I feel like The Huffington Post and Andrew Belonsky should be strong enough in their convictions and beliefs that they can verbally defend their political positions on the issues.  I fear that they are so convinced that they are correct, that they fear any debate that would detract from their far left message.

I am against the Fairness Doctrine or any permutation of that idea that violates the letter and spirit of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.  This is the same 1st Amendment that allows me to post on Red State and fire back a response to those who read Red State or link to the post.  We live in a free nation (for now) and I will defend the right of the Huffington Post to not allow my response and my right to fire back on another blog.