I have a dream


I have a dream that someday soon this great nation will restore itself from the ruins in which it currently sits.

Right now, it is a nation divided. Its people have no loyalty to an idea they intend to collaborate on to achieve. They are motivated for the most part by self-interest and by divisive group and industry interests.

This cannot stand. Already it has lost prestige and superpower status, and soon it will split itself apart. These interest groups cannot hold together because some take from others and depend on the government to do it for them. Much like taxation without representation started our Revolution, this will launch our next Civil War. And then we can truly kiss our international status goodbye.

But let me tell you about my dream, and how it can easily become reality.

I have a dream that conservatives will unite on what we share and forget what we do not. These conservatives will desire a small government with no ideological agenda, a family-oriented culture, and a strong healthy society.

I have a dream that we will throw out the anti-poverty, anti-discrimination, affirmative action, equal housing and progressive taxes that enslave those who might rise above so that all should be “equal.”

I have a dream that we will toss aside all government social engineering programs, all special interest group pork barrel politics, and all agendas designed to save people from themselves.

I have a dream that we will remove the blinders from our eyes and see that most of our budget goes to the entitlement state, and remove this function from government entirely.

I have a dream that we will as a culture see that growth results in destruction of natural land, and stop all immigration legal or otherwise. We’re full. Fix your own countries instead.

I have a dream that we will stop taxing the poor with government-sponsored penalty fees on cigarettes, alcohol and other fun things. Let the people have their pleasures.

I have a dream that we will toss out our regulation of medicine entirely and leave it up to the civil courts to punish all forms of malpractice.

I have a dream that we will realize that “one law for the ox and the raven is tyranny” and stop attempting to educate students in public schools, which use a one-size-fits all approach. Let people choose and run their own schools. Government doesn’t belong here either.

I have a dream that one day Washington, D.C. will be devoid of lobbyists and special interest groups, and that government will stop funding non-profits entirely.

I have a dream that the American people will wake up from the pleasant illusion that is liberal egalitarian ideology and turn instead toward what has worked since the dawn of humankind: the family, morality, community, culture, heritage and charity.

This dream is not unique to me. It grows in you as well. It grows in many of us, unarticulated. We must speak this dream in the light, awaken the sleepers, and restore our country from the ruin it has become.