Mississippi Democrats Welcome Man Who is Guilty of Discrimination Back into Party

A couple of week’s ago, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a 2007 ruling from a federal judge that Noxubee County Democratic Party Chairman Ike Brown is guilty of election fraud and discrimination in trying to keep whites out of the local party.

Brown and other committee members stuffed ballot boxes with bogus votes and blocked white members of the committee from challenging those votes.

Although this was a historic case, the first in which an African-American was guilty of discriminating against whites, this received little play from the mainstream media.

If his previous actions were not bad enough, it looks like the Mississippi Democratic Party Executive Committee- where Brown use to be a member- has welcomed him back. Once again, there is little media coverage of this, even in Mississippi.

Think about this for a minute: imagine if the GOP let a man back in the executive committee who was guilty of discriminating against blacks. Think you would have heard about it?

I will be covering all the latest on Ike Brown and Mississippi Democrats at Majority In Mississippi.