America's Identity Crisis

America is going through an identity crisis. No doubt about it. From the election of Barack Hussein Obama, to the imminent adoption of the latest “stimulus package,” to the closing of Gitmo and the “re”-funding of foreign abortions, this great country of ours is at a crossroads. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans seem content to shuffle through their i-pods and update their “My-Space” pages while corrupt politicians (from both ends of the political spectrum) continue to chip away at our individual rights, substituting in their place what they label as acts of “governmental compassion.”

Make no mistake about it, folks…America’s prosperity finally has caught up with us, and we are teetering on the brink of total collapse. You see, unlike most of the civilizations which have risen and fallen before us, America began as a collection of INDIVIDUALS who realized the prudence of establishing a LIMITED form of government in order to protect all of us from foreign enemies who would do us harm. The formation of this country truly was the greatest of all governmental experiments in the history of the world. None of the “Founding Fathers” really knew whether it would work. Fortunately, it has worked so well that America has become the most prosperous nation in history. Unfortunately, it has worked so well that America has become the most prosperous nation in history. Such is the paradox of America–our identity crisis, if you will.

I am convinced that the vast majority of Americans have lost touch with the sense of rugged individualism which was inherent in the minds, bodies and souls of the people who created this nation. Gone are the days of families taking care of their own. When grandma lost her mind in the revolutionary era, do you think that mom and dad signed her up on the government dole and carted her off to a nursing home to be taken care of? When dad lost his job in the Pennsylvania steel factory in the 1850s, did he collect his unemployment check and drag the family down to the welfare office to apply for every type of government assistance that was available? Of course not. Families took care of their own. Churches and religious organizations filled in where there were shortfalls. We certainly did not have a massive, over-intrusive federal government whose raison d’etre was to act as comforter and provider for these families and individuals in need. America, though, has become a country of thumb-suckers and whiners. From the time we are born, we are taught that all of us are ENTITLED to live the “American Dream.” That wonderful rhetoric very rarely is accompanied by a lesson about hard work and sacrifice, the two tenets (and very foundation) of that Dream. No, instead we are taught in public schools (another creation of the almighty federal government) that no one person is greater than another; no successes should be celebrated too much (we don’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings); and no failures should be scoffed at (again, the “feelings” thing).

Is it really any surprise, then, that we grow into adults who espouse that same type of gut-rot, communist garbage? After all, if a child grows up being taught (and believing) that he has a RIGHT to live in a bigger, more expensive home than his parents; that he has a RIGHT to a job that pays him to take a vacation every year; and that he has a RIGHT to medical care without having to pay for it–how can we reasonably expect that he will one day turn into a rugged individualist? You see, it is a whole lot easier for we human beings to become more dependent than it is for us to become more self-reliant. Unfortunately, our nation’s timeline has born witness to this phenomenon.

Our Founding Fathers feared this and, indeed, warned of it. Any student of American revolutionary history must concede that the writings of Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, et. al. were wrought with cautionary rebukes against allowing an intrusive federal government to control too many aspects of the individual citizens’ lives. Fast forward nearly 250 years and, ironically, this concept now seems as foreign as the enemies those revolutionary Americans were attempting to overthrow. I challenge you to live one day of your life without being directly taxed by our federal government. Do you drive a car? Perhaps you could walk or ride a bike for that day. Don’t smoke a cigarette or have an adult beverage. Don’t watch television or talk on the phone. Don’t mail a letter or log on to the internet. In fact, don’t use any electricity or natural gas. Don’t make any investments in the stock market or allow your savings account to gain interest. And while you’re at it, you may as well stay home from work because a significant portion of those wages will be headed to Washington, too.

The bottom line is that everything our Founding Fathers feared about a unified federal government has come to fruition. Our way of life in this nation has become a vicious cycle of dependency fueled by corrupt politicians who seek to utilize their positions to redistribute wealth to the most needy among us in an effort to garner these individuals’ votes in order to stay in power. With the passage of Obama’s latest “stimulus package,” over 70% of Americans will no longer be paying any federal income taxes. Well that’s a good thing, right? Weren’t you just saying, Brent, that we pay too much in federal taxes? The problem is that the amount of money going into the federal coffers each year continues to rise, outpacing inflation five-fold. That money is then redistributed to various congressional districts throughout the country in the forms of “earmarks” and “pork-barrell” spending. Folks, we are creating a giant welfare state wherein fairly soon NOBODY will appreciate or understand the concepts of hard work and sacrifice. We are becoming firmly ensconced in the idea that government IS the provider and caretaker–for all things. We are becoming more and more dependent upon government. This has a name–it was once known as socialism; apparently, it is becoming the new Americanism.

Do you realize that Obama’s “stimulus package” will require the government to “borrow” about $850 BILLION (that’s BILLION with a “B”) from us–the citizenry. Astoundingly, that is more money than the federal government borrowed from “the folks” during the ENTIRE period that spans from the Revolutionary War until Jimmy Carter’s presidency. For those of you who aren’t very good with history, that’s a period of 200 years. Obama’s budget proposal would double our national deficit in the next 5 years and triple it in the next 10 years! Are you kidding me? If those statistics are not evidence enough that this system is broken, I’m not sure what is.

Our country is going through an indentity crisis. If we don’t figure out who we really are and what we want this nation to be for our children and grandchildren, it will cease to exist as the world’s lone beacon of hope and prosperity for all of its individual citizens. It will be replaced with a giant “nanny-state” where we are told by the almighty federal government what kind of car we can drive, what type of house we can live in and how many children we are allowed to have. I, for one, do not want to subject my children to that type of existence.

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