O.B.A.M.A. (One Big Ass Mistake America)

Those of you who know me know that I have never been a proponent of wild conspiracy theories. I consider myself to be generally sane, with my thoughts and ideas grounded in logic and reason. I make it a habit to not live my life or attempt to persuade others with what I call a “chicken little” mentality. You know those types – the Al Gores and Ted Dansons of the world who routinely tell us that we have to abandon our gas-powered vehicles and start living in grass huts or the ozone will vanish within 15 years and our children (and more importantly, the snail-darter) will be incinerated by the sun’s ultraviolet rays right before our very eyes. No, that type of alarmism and demagoguery doesn’t really suit me. I prefer to convince people using what my Constitutional Law professor dubbed the “Joe Friday” method (“the facts, ma’am…just the facts”).

All of that being said, my friends, these are desperate times in which we live. And while I have heretofore attempted not to overstate the threat currently facing our great republic, after absorbing all that has transpired over the recent weeks, it is with great regret that I now proclaim that it is official: “The sky is falling.” It is, in fact, plunging downward at record speed, outpacing even the descent in the values of our IRA’s, 401(k)’s and 529’s.

You see, up until a few days ago, I was convinced that President Obama and his band of congressional derelicts suffered from a severe case of ignorant, misguided “good intentions.” It has been my experience with liberals, after all, that many of them have noble intentions; they simply lack the discernment and common sense to realize that the implementation of their ideas and programs rarely produce the intended consequences. After all, who wouldn’t want every child to have a college education; or for every American to be able to own a nice home; or for every person in this country to have access to affordable health insurance? Who wouldn’t want those things? Those are some great intentions. The problem, obviously, is that our system of government was not established to guarantee these types of benefits for its citizens. “Life…Liberty…the Pursuit of Happiness…” It begins and ends there. No system of government has ever been able to sustain the level of dependence by its citizens that ours is currently attempting to bear. It is NOT possible. I’m sorry, my liberal friends…history has shown us time and time again that there will always be “haves” and “have-nots.” This fantasy that we can live in some type of socialist utopia where we all own the same car and wear the same clothes and earn the same income will never, ever become reality.

I seriously digress…

The point here is that I have come to the realization that my naïve confidence in Obama’s “ignorance” and his “misguided intentions” has been severely misplaced. Again, I am not typically a “doomsdayer,” but I am here to tell you that this man and his administration have sinister intentions. Any person out there who still believes that Barack Obama wants this country to prosper as a capitalist nation had best wake up and smell what Mr. Obama has been shoveling for the last 2 years. I have always been of the belief that Obama had collectivist tendencies, but the first 6 weeks of his administration has dispelled all doubt that the real motivation for, and ultimate goal of, his presidency is to effectively dismantle our capitalist society and replace it with a pure socialistic form of government. Anyone who finds this statement to be “laughable” isn’t paying attention. Look at what this President “accomplished” in his first month in office. He rammed through a pet-project spending bill (labeling it unbelievably as a “Stimulus Package”) which doubled our deficit this year. He continues to promote the idea that we, the taxpayers, should bail out all of these failed auto companies despite the fact that they continue to be on the verge of bankruptcy even after they were given tens of billions of dollars less than 3 months ago. Since the date of Barack Obama’s election 4 months ago, the stock market is down an astonishing 31%! And what is the President’s response to this massive loss of capital? To hold a “summit” at the White House with a bunch of lobbyists to discuss the roadmap to universal health care for all Americans. The other big announcement from Obama’s administration this week was that the President’s budget includes provisions within it that would reduce the home mortgage deduction for taxpayers and would also reduce the amount that we can deduct from our taxes for charitable contributions that we make. Couple that with the recent statement from the President’s own senior adviser, David Axelrod, when asked by a reporter about the continuing downward spiral of the stock market and how that was going to drive the White House’s policies. Axelrod stated simply, “This White House won’t be pushed around by the stock market.” Let me tell you something…the dirty little secret here is that this White House wants the stock market to continue to fail. This White House wants people suffering and walking around with their hands out in search of their own personal “bail-outs.” This White House wants charitable organizations to dry up, because where do you think people will turn to in their moment of need when the churches and other charitable organizations have no more money to give? That’s right – the almighty, all-giving, all-feeling, all-caring federal government.

I am now convinced that this President has no interest in economic recovery for this nation and its citizens. There are so many policies that could be implemented immediately to stop the hemorrhaging: cut or eliminate the capital gains tax; suspend temporarily the payroll tax; cut federal spending (gasp!) instead of increasing it at unprecedented rates; and on and on and on…But what do we continue to do instead? We throw gobs of cash at failed companies like GM and Citigroup who have absolutely no chance of long-term success. All the while, millions of people continue to lose their jobs (unemployment is now at a 26-year high). The number of individuals who filed for bankruptcy is up 33% over this time last year. More pain…More suffering…More dependence on government…You see where I’m going with this? The more despotism and despair that exists out there, the more individuals are going turn wherever they can for help. If the families and charitable organizations do not have the resources to take care of their own, that only leaves one alternative…(so much for choosing hope over fear).

The sky is falling…Our economy is in shambles. Our capitalist principles are under assault. Our belief in a limited form of government that is “of the people, by the people and for the people,” is becoming nothing more than a footnote to history. And our President sits in the West Wing smiling, almost gleeful.

I am angry. I am frustrated. I am outraged. I hope you are, too. This is not the country in which I was raised. This is not the nation that my grandfather defended. And this is certainly not the system of self-governance that our forefathers envisioned.

I am but one voice…and so are you. But together, with the millions of individual voices out there who still believe that our government was created not for the benefit of the few, but for the prosperity of all, we can still make a difference. We have to make a difference. We cannot fail. We must succeed. This evil – and yes, it is evil – has to be defeated. I make no apologies to anyone for speaking in such absolute terms on this matter. This President’s socialist agenda is dangerous and, if left to its own devices, would prove fatal to the future prosperity of our country. So get on board…now is the time to begin exercising some “patient persistence,” and day-by-day, to fight back against this debilitating disease known as liberalism. I have faith that we will prevail. Each day, you see more and more signs of it, whether it be stories about these “tea parties” taking place all over the country, or journalists who are beginning to ask the tougher questions of the administration, or commentators who previously swooned at the mention of Obama’s name who are now lashing out at his socialist policies (anyone see Jim Cramer’s tirade on MSNBC this week?). Obama’s all-important “approval rating” is down 13% since he took office (from 74% to 61%), the biggest drop in any President’s first 6 weeks in office. There is much work to be done, but I truly believe that the political winds are shifting. Now is not the time to leave this work to other people. Grab an oar and begin rowing. Talk to your neighbors, send an email, forward this article on to others, call your representatives, attend a “tea party,” inform the citizenry (especially the younger generation). Do whatever you can. I am telling you – it’s that important.