Richard Mourdock, Candidate for Senate (IN)

Richard Mourdock is running against Dick Lugar in the Indiana Republican primary for Senate. There are plenty of good reasons for the people of Indiana to replace Senator Lugar with a conservative senator, but this is probably the best one. I will be fortunate to have the privilege of casting my vote to help make that happen, but I think that sending Senator Lugar into retirement is important enough that I have also volunteered to help Richard Mourdock’s campaign. Dick Lugar has been in the Senate long enough, and Indiana can do much better.

The campaign is starting to organize volunteers to make calls and go door-to-door, so if you are interested in helping, now is the time to volunteer. While other states work towards electing Republican senators and congressional representatives to replace Democrats, we have a chance to replace a RINO with a solid conservative in Indiana. It’s going to be challenging to unseat an entrenched incumbent, so Richard Mourdock is going to need all the support we can give him.

There’s a great video of Richard Mourdock at the RedState Gathering that I would highly recommend. I’ll be posting updates on the campaign in my Diary from time to time.