Barack Obama: Not the Anti-Christ, but certainly Anti-Christian

As a Christian, I am highly offended by the pharisaical attitude with which the Bible’s various stories and examples are manipulated to push an idea that is transparently against what my Lord is teaching. It is frustrating enough when it is a close friend who is new to the doctrinal truths of the Word of God, but when the leader of the free world intentionally misrepresents his own professed faith, then that really gets my motor going.

In the last 4 years, I have heard numerous people on numerous occasions refer to President Barack Obama as a “Messiah” for the left. I’ve even scarce heard Obama referred to as the Anti-Christ. I disagree with both of those labels. Barack Obama is no messiah; certainly not in the sense that he arrived miraculously to save destitute people. President Obama obviously esteems himself as one to whom the law of the Lord does not apply, adding and subtracting from it as he sees fit. The liberty he has taken with the words of God will be responded to by one higher than I. The book of Revelations tells us that “God will take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Rev. 22:19) Such an attitude of superiority, such a proud look, is called an abomination in Proverbs 6. When Barack Hussein Obama views the words of God as beneath him, he elevates his own status to something no human is worthy of attaining. The real Messiah, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, “thought it not robbery to be equal with God,” but not even Jesus made himself of that reputation. (Phil. 2:5-8) Barack Obama is no messiah.

While Obama is not the Anti-Christ either, he is most certainly anti-Christian.

Let me start with this. His foreign policy is one that shuns God’s chosen people, Israel, and emboldens radical Islamists who hate us and the one true God. His philosophy toward Islamic violence is one of “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” But what Mr. Obama fails to understand is that this passage is talking about individual relations, not international politics or governmental diplomacy.

If Obama knew anything about the substance of the faith he claims, then he would know that Israel was a nation that God used Abraham to begin and expand. In Genesis 12, God called Abraham and promised to make of him a great nation. As part of this promise God gave Abraham another guarantee, saying, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee.” Maybe this passage is over Obama’s head, even though he sat in church for years under a man, Jeremiah Wright, who loudly and proudly proclaimed the very idea – “God bless America … No, no, no! God d*** America!” Maybe brother Barack slipped out for a smoke break during that rant. But I for one don’t trust the doctrinal integrity of a man who is notorious for curse laced rants and a conspiracy theory that is somewhere in the realm of ideas thought up by Ron Paul supporters. Someone who entertains the idea that whites in power fabricated AIDS as a means of genocide for black Americans is not one who I care to see my president seeking religious consultation, if ya know what I mean.

Barack Obama and the left frequently talk about their desire to see justice – unless of course justice includes those who don’t share their values, or lack of values. Obama’s definition of “fair” is really not fair at all, and certainly not scriptural. The Bible says nowhere “Render to Caeser the things which are yours.” So when Barack Obama goes on TV to say that his tax policy is one he developed from Christian teachings, he is lying straight through his tobacco stained teeth. Obama referenced Luke 12:48 saying “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” This chapter begins by encouraging people to worry less about life’s essentials such as food and shelter for God himself will supply them. Christ also suggests to his disciples that they will be better off storing up eternal treasures in Heaven rather than sitting on temporal wealth here only to have it ceased after death. The verse Obama referenced is actually speaking of a servant’sindividual responsibility to make much of what he has been left to tend to. Our president took the Word of God completely out of context to reinforce his unjust tax policy. Flip over to James 2:9 and you’ll read, “But if ye have respect of persons, ye commit sin.” Obama has made himself a transgressor of the law in this aspect.

What is really appalling to me is the arrogance with which Obama disregards the inspired words of God. He speaks to us as if he is a shepherd to a vast and ignorant flock. But it is he who is a blind leader. He interprets Scripture as he sees fit, and he ignores it when it indicts him. Barack Obama complains that favoritism in capitalism is grotesque, while he simultaneously shows favoritism in his socialism by granting waivers and offering bailouts to some organizations but not to others. Obama’s warning of the evil of Wall Street’s special interests is silenced when he and his Democratic colleagues make shady deals with that same evil. As I’ve always heard, an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.

A more recent example of Barack Obama’s mischievous use of faith is his insolent attitude toward religious healthcare facilities. A “contraception rule” that interferes with any church’s ability to guide its own involvement in unwanted procedures is a slap in the face of America’s freedom of religion. There is no room for compromise here. The only compromise is for the federal government to respect liberties granted by God, and to uphold liberties protected by the Constitution. Any government influence on the safe practices of any religion is transparently anti-American. And while we’re on this, for anyfederal tax dollars to go to any organizations that offer abortions is, to use Romney’s new favorite adverb, severely anti-Christian.

We Christians are taught in I Timothy 2:1-2 to pray for our leaders, and I do. We Christians are taught in Romans 12:18 to strive to live peaceably with all men, and I do. I will continue to pray for President Obama and his family, as I work to see them removed from office. I pray that the Lord will guide our leaders this year in dealing with a below-par economy, unrest in northern Africa, corruption below our southern border, hatred toward our ally Israel, and the potential of a nuclear Iran, among other things.

Barack Hussein Obama is certainly anti-Christian. This should do more than discourage us Christians, though it is very frustrating. It should encourage us, and even embolden us, to be better Christians. The United States of America will not prosper because of Obama’s presidency, but the citizenry of the Unites States can prosper her in spite of Obama’s presidency. God help us.