Dear Ohio...

Dear citizens of Ohio:

If you vote to support Issue 2 at the ballot box today, good for you! I am sure that your better-than-average public employees will be appreciative at their newfound ability to be rewarded for excelling at their jobs, that your children will be appreciative about the improvement in their quality of education, and that you will reap the benefits of a State run in a fiscally responsible manner.

If you vote against Issue 2, that’s Ok, too. The citizens in right-to-work states (like Texas), or states that have at least broken the backs of big PEU’s (like us, here in Indiana) will greatly appreciate the influx of the good teachers, policemen and firefighters that flee your state. But please don’t come asking the rest of us for a bailout when your fiscal house of cards collapses under the weight of the corruption and largesse of your PEU’s. And please don’t emigrate to other states if you’re going to bring this same brand of lunacy with you.

That is all.