Getting Drunk at the DNC

With all the uproar over the worst decision the SCOTUS has ever made, I thought it might be time for a laugh.  So I present for your distraction from the worst decision the SCOTUS has ever made, a recent tidbit from the “That’s Our Democrats” file….

In the midst of planning for the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, organizers came upon a critical piece of information that had the potential to destroy the entire event: Liquor stores in Charlotte are closed on Sundays and are closed every year for the Labor Day holiday; which is on Monday of the convention.  Faced with the notion that convention goers could possibly be sober and make judgements in that state of mind, the Democrats snapped into action in the typical Democrat fashion.  They quickly went about working to change the law.  Their bill to “help North Carolina be a good host,” according to Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue, sailed through the state House and is currently in the Senate.

According to a local bar manager, “It’s always a good thing when you can have access to liquor.”  Of course no one knows that better than the Democrats, especially when they’re coming back to Charlotte and had so much fun last time they were here.

[youtube] Hh0ib0bSj-o[/youtube]