An Inconvenient Life

Original post dated July 4, 2008. Reposting to get it out of the archives : )


Imagine you work in a hospital and you find a newborn wrapped up and abandoned outside the entrance. What would protocol have you do? Probably bring the child inside to receive immediate medical attention. Now what if you found that same baby in a soiled utility closet inside the hospital? Well, if you worked at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL before 2001 the protocol would have been to let the baby die.

At least five babies spent their last hours left to die in the soiled utility closet at Christ Hospital in 2001 alone; one even managed to live for almost 8 hours. Untold numbers suffered the same fate across the nation while Barack Obama sat on legislation to stop these horrendous acts of infanticide.

On March 27, 2001, Jill Stanek testified before the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee on her experience with babies who survived an abortion procedure at Christ Hospital.


State Senator Patrick O’Malley of Oak Lawn introduced the first draft of the state’s Born Alive Infant Protection Act, using language identical to that of federal legislation introduced in 2000 by Rep. Charles Canady, R-Fla., who had drafted his wording using that of the World Health Organization and the United Nations: The term “born alive,” with respect to a member of the species homo sapiens, means the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of that member, at any stage of development, who after such expulsion or extraction breathes or has a beating heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles, regardless of whether the umbilical cord has been cut, and regardless of whether the expulsion or extraction occurs as a result of natural or induced labor, cesarean section, or induced abortion.

Barack Obama objected (pgs. 86-87) (PDF) to the idea that babies born alive in this particular manner are anything more than pre-viable fetuses because as persons they would be protected by the constitution; and in his mind that would lead to the barring of abortions. Furthermore, he didn’t want to burden doctors with having to keep a “pre-viable child” alive since the Supreme Court has determined viability and a doctor might have to actually use judgement. Although Obama voted present, the legislation passed in the Senate; but it didn’t in the House.

So Rep. O’Malley reintroduced the bill in 2002 and again, Obama objected (pgs. 31-34)(PDF). Even though the bill had been altered so an attending physician would be brought in to assist and advise on the issue of viability, Obama believed the bill would do nothing more than burden women and physicians. He also stated that if the children were, indeed, being born alive he had confidence that the doctors performing the procedures would be sure the infants were looked after. How Obama misunderstood the testimony given by Jill Stanek in 2001 is a mystery, especially considering that in 2002 she testified again and described the “comfort room” the hospital had set up in response to her first testimony.

Four months ago, Christ Hospital unveiled its “Comfort Room.” So now I can no longer say that live aborted babies are left in our Soiled Utility Room to die. We now have this prettily wallpapered room complete with a First Foto machine, baptismal gowns, a footprinter and baby bracelets, so that we can offer keepsakes to parents of their aborted babies. There is even a nice wooden rocker in the room to rock live aborted babies to death.


Comfort Room Rocking Chair  Comfort Room Baptismal Supplies

After voting no on the bill in 2002, Barack Obama was, for a third time, faced with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act when it was sent to the Health & Human Services Committee in 2003 – which he chaired. This time he held the bill from even being voted on; and stopped the senate sponser from adding to the bill to make it identical to the federal bill that had been signed into law by President Bush the year before. Finally, in 2005 (after Barack Obama left the state Senate) the Born Alive legislation was passed.

It has been suggested that Obama may have been influenced by his fellow Trinity United Church of Christ members who were also on the board of Christ Hospital’s parent company, Advocate Health Care, such as Dr. Jane Fisler-Hoffman and Rev. Dr. Ozzie Smith Jr., former associate pastor at TUCC under Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright, Obama’s 20 year mentor and spiritual advisor, was also on the board of Christ Hospital’s parent company from 1986-89. Also attending Obama’s church was Christ Hospital CEO, Carole Schneider. Perhaps they also influenced him on his opinion that babies are punishment for unprotected sex.

Recently, Senator Obama has made overtures to the middle on abortion. But he is, in fact, as far left as they come. In Illinois, Obama sealed the fate of infants who managed to survive abortion across the state. No matter what they did, how hard they tried; despite grasping for life that others were denying them and fighting for their first breath, the choice had been made. Why? Because Barack Obama thinks as so many on the left do – A person is the property of the state, and the baby is the property of the mother, each to be disposed of when inconvenient. Even in a soiled utility room.