The Legacy of Hope Not to Outshine The Only Hope

While the rest of the world focuses on Holocaust Memorial Day, the President of the United States has managed, once again, to divert all American focus squarely on himself.  President Obama’s allegiances have long been questioned; and choosing to deliver his first State of the Union on this particular day does nothing to assuage the concerns of many.  

Before taking office, Obama promised “unshakeable commitment” to Israel.  However in the months since, the President seems most committed to demanding Israel stop expanding it’s own communities, including Jerusalem. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he has abandoned them in the face of a probable nuclear Iran.

Only one President has ever postponed a State of the Union address. After learning of the Challenger disaster, President Reagan chose to speak to a mourning nation on the subject that was closest to their hearts. Perhaps President Obama feels it has been long enough, that business should go on as usual. It raises the question though, what message does it send to the world that our President would choose today to look back on our nation; while the world looks back on over 6 million precious lives lost to a narcissistic dictator?