Team Obama planning to "milk" Beau Biden's deployment "for all it's worth"

An Obama adviser has announced to the world that he will use Biden’s son to score political points, stating:

“Biden is very well aware that his son’s deployment is going to be a big part of what we do in October. It’s part of our narrative and we’re going to milk it for all it’s worth,” says one of the Obama advisers. “Republicans would do the same.”

Except they wouldn’t. John McCain’s own son has been deployed to Iraq, and he rarely if ever discusses it. Jimmy McCain even attended town hall meetings with him in New Hampshire and McCain never even mentioned he was present.

Not to mention the distinction between Jimmy McCain the marine and Beau Biden the JAG officer.

Another fun nugget from the same article, apparently Biden wasn’t even Obama’s first choice.

“He really wanted [Kansas Gov. Kathleen] Sebelius,” says one Obama insider with knowledge of the Democrat candidate’s vetting process. “And if our European tour had played better here at home, she might have been the pick.”