Democrats Plot to mock McCain, Vietnam Vets and POW's at their convention

The Democrats have come up with a fantastic idea for their convention. Every time John McCain is mentioned, they are going to jingle sets of keys. Why? Because McCain has 10 houses of course!!

Here is the plan:

Then another list member came up with the killer idea: During the convention, have everyone jangle their keys every time the name of the Man of Who-Knows-How-Many Homes is mentioned.It would be great television. It’s reported that SEIU is bringing massive supplies of key rings and keys to Denver for distribution. Take it that one step further, and the media would love it, the public would see that we Democrats really do know how to have fun (and would also be reminded of who this “straight-talking” supposed man of the people McCain really is), and– best of all– the Republicans would go nuts.

This all seems innconent, until you remember that:

McCain has himself described having an adverse reaction to the sound of jangling keys, which reminds him of his Vietnam jailers. McCain also told doctors that during solitary confinement he had strayed pretty “far out” and had referred to himself as “mentally deteriorating.”

You see, the prison guard’s keys would jingle as they walked to give the POW’s their beating. Democrats apparently feel this should be mocked at their convention. This is the lowest of the low. They bring it up regularly when they accuse McCain of having PTSD.

And Don’t let them fool you, they are well aware that McCain has said this.