Volunteer makes McCain 's**t list'?

“Volunteer makes McCain ‘s**t list’?”

Before any mods get upset about language, this is the headline on CNN.com right now. Surely this must have been one of McCain’s famous angry fits or outbursts, right?

Well, lets look at exactly what happened at this New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting..,

A woman, who is voluneteering for McCain’s campaign had the following to say about McCain’s paid NH Staff:

“You’ve got to make some changes,” the woman told McCain. “I’ve had problems with a lot of your paid staff. You’ve got two people sitting right here next to me…They have done more work for you volunteering than a lot of your paid staff have. All your signs that are up outside today, they were put up by us, not by your staff people.”

Well, given the title of CNN’s article, this must have invoked some sort of steroid-like rage from McCain, right?

Well, not exactly:

“A lot of our paid staff, a lot of them are on work release programs as you know.”

McCain later said the staff problems would be fixed.

“We’ll have our folks sit down and chat with you about what needs to be fixed in your mind and in your view,” he said. “And let me just say again: I’m very aware, I’m very aware that the only way that campaigns succeed — and certainly the only way every one of mine have — is through volunteers, and I’m extremely grateful and I thank you.”

So from this exchange, someone at CNN decides to put up a headline, stating that John McCain has put a volunteer on his “Sh*t list”.