Obama’s Top 10 “Top Priorities” of 2010

What do you think President Obama’s top priority should be? If you’re like most people you probably said job creation or fixing the economy. Either would be a logical choice considering the rampant joblessness and overall dire state of our economy. Now normally when you think of top priority, you think of one thing. Namely, the issue that requires your attention first. So what is President Obama’s top priority? As CBS discovered earlier this year, Obama has quite a few “top priority” issues. But not one to rest on his laurels, President Obama has come up with a range of new top priorities.

So here it is. President Obama’s Top 10 Top Priorities of 2010.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Building Relationships with Spiritual Leaders: “That’s why engaging priests, pastors, rabbis and other religious and community leaders across the country on issues that impact our families is one of President Obama’s top priorities” – Special Assistant to the President Joshua DuBois
  • Securing our Southwest Border: “I have made securing our Southwest Border a top priority since I came to office. That is why my administration has dedicated unprecedented resources and personnel to combating the transnational criminal organizations…across the border with Mexico”

10. Student Loan Reform: “If we can cut those middlemen out [of the government loan programs], then you’ve got several billion dollars that you can invest in the programs that I just described.This is something that I’ve made a top priority.” – President Obama

9. Stem Cell Research: “President Obama made expansion of stem cell research and the pursuit of groundbreaking treatments and cures a top priority when he took office.” – Press Secretary Robert Gibbs

8. Energy Security: “We talked about issues of how the climate is changing. We talked about how it threatened our national security because we’re dependent on other countries for what makes our country run . . . I don’t accept second place for the United States of America.  And that’s why our energy security has been a top priority for my administration” – President Obama

7. START Treaty: During a trip to Asia in November President Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that getting the Senate to ratify the nuclear weapons treaty was a “top priority” – President Obama

6. Free Trade Agreements: “I don’t want to close off trade with other countries — I want to open those countries because that’s a lot of where the growth is and that’s where we can sell our products and we’ve got a competitive advantage. But we’ve got to keep on pushing and be tough in our negotiations, and that’s something that’s going to be a top priority. So that’s on the trade side.” – President Obama

5. Education: “And that’s why — that is why, from day one of this administration, we’ve made excellence in American education — excellence for all our students — a top priority” – President Obama

4. Middle Class Tax Cuts: “My number-one priority is making sure that we make the middle-class tax cuts permanent, that we give certainty to the 98 percent of Americans who are affected by those tax breaks.” – President Obama

3. Gulf Oil Spill: “There has never been a point during this crisis in which this administration, up and down up the line, in all these agencies, hasn’t, number one, understood this was my top priority — getting this stopped and then mitigating the damage” – President Obama

2. Helping Small Businesses and Banks: “If we can start loosening up credit for small businesses, and helping smaller and community banks with their lending portfolios, that will make a huge difference in terms of the pace of our economic growth.  So this is really a top priority for our administration.”

1. Job Creation: “We agreed to continue working aggressively on our highest economic priority, which is creating jobs for our people.” – President Obama

Rather than paying lip service to the constituencies behind these “top priorities,” here’s to hoping Obama gets down to business and actually focuses on getting our economy back on the right track.

by Brandon Greife, Political Director of the College Republican National Committee