It’s Not Us – It’s You. Democrats Take to Blaming Voters for Losses

“Blame the Voter” that seems to be the campaign slogan of Democrats as a whole during this election. An interesting election year strategy given that it will be, in fact, the voters who will decide who actually gets elected. Shouldn’t you at least wait until after the election to blame them. But hey, maybe that’s why I’m not a paid party strategist.

Or maybe this is the change Obama was talking about. It used to be politicians who were the dumb ones. We are not that far removed from the time of “it’s the economy stupid.”  Those were the times when politicians were the ones who were responsible for getting themselves elected. If politicians failed to resonate with voters it was their own fault. Failure was not the fault of the voters.

Democrats have strayed from the wisdom of the former White House press secretary under Bill Clinton, Mike McCurry. McMurray was the one who said “In my time in politics, I think it’s best not to accuse the American people of not thinking when you’re trying to earn their support and trust.” Oh how times have changed.

Last week, Obama said that Americans were not thinking clearly because they were scared and American confusion was the reason why the Democrat’s “fact and science argument” has not been successful.  When pressed about the lack of liberal support for his party this coming election Obama called it “inexcusable” and “irresponsible.”

Vice President Joe Biden told progressives to “stop whining.” Democratic Senator Harry Reid compared Americans to the “selfish little boy” at Christmas time who wanted more presents, despite his parents sacrifice already to provide him with what they could. The 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry chimed in and said that voters “don’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan.”

Put it all together and we’re whiny, confused, inattentive, and selfish children. Huh. I never knew. Perhaps they should have also said I lack self-awareness.

Surely this isn’t the rhetoric that Democrats think will win the election. Surely the Democrats do not think they can lambast voters and then expect those same voters to come to bat for them in November. Even the media has been getting in the mix. The rhetoric aimed at Tea Party candidates has been especially harsh. As Denver Post columnist David Harsanyi pointed out, his “enlightened friends” continually ask him how someone so smart could “not want to spit at those stupid tea party candidates, with their stupid positions and their stupid stupidity?”

One columnist went as far as to call supporters of candidates like Christine O’Donnell “diseased” and argued that a society of O’Donnell supporters is a “society that no longer takes itself seriously.”

All the anger, all the name-calling, and all the overheated rhetoric is the result of one simple thing – they are anger that voters repudiated their agenda. Democrats tried it their way and failed. Healthcare? A bust. Stimulus? Bust. Financial reform? Bust.

But through the blue-tinted glasses of Democrats none of the policies were the problem. It was the silly little voters who couldn’t understand their awesomeness. And now, those same silly little voters are voting for big stupid candidates. Of course they forget that those same voters were the ones who carried them to huge victories in 2006 and 2008. Two years later those same voters are ignorant fools who don’t know left from right. I mean, how could they have become so dumb, so fast! So they pout. Pout and blame everyone but themselves.

Is this really the way to get a vote? To shame and bully the voter into picking the “right choice?” Trends like this are endemic to a party that has no direction, no ideas, and no responsibility.  But of course, it’s not them, it’s us.

by Brandon Greife, Political Director of the College Republican National Committee