Be Bold Republicans, Paul Ryan Provides a True Roadmap for Our Future

Every problem has a solution. The solution is never to panic. The solution is very rarely to stand still and do nothing. Instead, we need a plan. The debt crisis that is threatening the future prosperity of our nation, and especially our generation, demands a solution. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t appear to have one. Quite the contrary, they have decided to not even pass a budget to set their spending goals over the next year. Then there are the Republicans, the so called “Party of No,” led by Congressman Paul Ryan, who have put forward a map out of the mess – A Roadmap for America’s Future.

The Roadmap is a bold and comprehensive approach to renewing hope in America’s future. Its enormous scope covers nearly everything, from a health care reform plan that actually addresses the cost problem, to a much needed scrubbing of the tax code, to a wide-ranging solution to our looming entitlement crisis. The document itself is hopeful, providing positive solutions to a truly frightening problem. According to the CBO, if we follow its steps we will slowly but surely achieve a balanced budget and reduce our foreign debt load. While the document provides hope, the political atmosphere in which it exists, does not. Democrats have taken up their usual positions, lambasting the plan using words like “privatize,” “tax breaks for the wealthy” and “Bush” to derail the Road Map. But as Vasko Kohlmayer wrote on FrontPage ,

Especially glaring is the fact that Democrats do not engage Ryan’s plan on its substance. The fact that his is the only proposal around that would alleviate our fiscal strain is of no concern to them. Instead they use fear-mongering and demagoguery to destroy and revile the man who at least attempts to do something about this country’s desperate straits.

Democrats are afraid because the Road Map is an actual solution. But Republicans also look at the plan with trepidation. Not because it they don’t think that it will work, but because of its ambitiousness. Frankly, the words “Washington” and “comprehensive” have led to some disastrous results with Democrats at the help. Washington doesn’t have a good track record when they get their hands on a good idea. But that is why the plan will be so successful. By and large it represents an attempt to remove the smothering weight of government bureaucracy and let free markets do the heavy lifting.

Republicans will win in November regardless of whether they demonstrate that they have any ideas. Democrats’ bad ideas have ensured that. But there is only so long that we can ride the anti-incumbent wave. That path only produces victory in November. Creating a solution to a problem of the Democrats’ making produces victories every November.

To be sure, this is a risky strategy. The thought of taking a sure win and gambling it away on a big idea is enough to make even the most conservative Republican gun-shy. But with big risk comes the opportunity for huge reward. As Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard reminisces ,

Those who tremble at the thought of pushing a big idea should remember the campaign of 1980. Reagan, who for years had warned of the evils of government spending and overreach, suddenly became the champion of an across the board, 30 percent cut in tax rates for individuals and business.

That was very risky. The elder George Bush called it “voodoo economics.” Democrats were certain the whopping tax cut would turn the country against Reagan. Quite the opposite occurred. Reagan would have defeated Jimmy Carter without it, but not by the 10 percentage points he actually won by. The tax cut showed Reagan was serious about reviving the economy and not at all a weakling like Carter.

We, the youth of America, encourage Republicans to take heart, be bold, and fight hard. Young adults are tired of Washington putting their spending on our tab, clouding our future in the process. We want to have the opportunity to achieve success on our own merits, unburdened by the debt and deficits of today. Paul Ryan has a plan to grant us this chance, get behind him Republicans. Regardless, we’ll be in your corner. But imagine how many more we can convince if we are doing more than just voting out the Democrats, we are voting for Republican ideas.

by Brandon Greife