Here, There, and Everywhere

Powerful Democratic allies are coming out of the woodwork to ensure they maintain their supermajority in the Senate. A veritable army of lobbyists from insurance and pharmaceutical companies have dumped money into the race knowing full well that they’ll recoup it when the health care bill passes. Barack Obama is attempting to place Coakley on his ever-shortening coattails by putting out email and Web video featuring his endorsement. On top of it all, they’re invoking the ghost of Ted Kennedy who carries a name long synonymous with Massachusetts politics.

So what does Brown have? Well besides all the momentum, he’s got an enormous and effective grassroots effort that is determined to get him elected. College Republicans from all over the country are lining up to be a part of the effort.

For instance in Ohio, CRs are running a “Stamp Out the Rubber Stamp Senate!” campaign. In their own words,

Victory in Massachusetts is vital—sending Scott Brown to the US Senate will ensure that disastrous Democrat legislation like Obamacare and Cap & Trade come to a crashing halt. This race will come down to turnout, and we can make the difference from here at home in Ohio this weekend!

…Scott Brown, the Republican Party, and all of America need your help! Election Day is less than a week away—and we have a three-day weekend, so the opportunity to make an impact will never be greater. Let’s make it happen and be the difference that makes history and sends a clear signal that all Democrats should be running scared in 2010

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • There will be Massachusetts CRs volunteering at every Brown call center in addition to phone banking from home
  • Washington DC College Republicans will be phone-banking on Monday and Tuesday at te Republican National Committee
  • Rhode Island CRs are volunteering in Boston on Sunday and Monday to knock on doors and phone bank
  • The College Republican National Committee are coordinating a deployment effort to get volunteers from DC to Massachusetts to make face-to-face voter contacts.

Let the Democrats keep bringing in their hired guns, we have a much more powerful force…the people. And as Scott Brown made clear, this is not Kennedy’s seat, it is not Obama’s seat, it’s not a Democratic seat, or even an all blue state – this is “the people’s seat.” Such a sentiment was made clear by a random email received by one of our College Republican leaders in Massachusetts which said,

“This race is so important to the future of America. Please make sure every young person who is supporting Scott Brown knows that their vote is the most important one and that their vote counts! Everyone always says that the youth vote doesn’t matter and that we can’t count on you to vote. Well every American across the country is counting on you and your club members to help stop the madness in Washington. Please make sure you get EVERY college student who is for Scott to the polls on Tuesday even if you have to drive them there personally!!

This is truly the beginning of the Second American Revolution and the left has no idea what true American patriots are capable of!

We have the power to be the difference in this race. Let’s get out there and make it happen.