Romney the Fighter

I’ll tell you straight up – THIS is what I wanted, should we get stuck with Romney.  You dang well better believe it, he’ll win over the Right if he takes the fight to Obama’s turf. I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I know I feel it when I talk to other conservatives – we’re ticked off that our country’s being taken away and so few politicians have the political will to fight it!

Well, that’s all changing, and this past week has been awesome. From the article linked:


His campaign’s most recent muscle-flexing stunt came Thursday, when Romney pulled off the surprise visit to Solyndra in San Francisco, using the bankrupt company’s headquarters as a backdrop to hammer the president for “picking winners and losers” in the economy. Meanwhile, 3,000 miles away, campaign aides, interns, and volunteers crashed a press conference scheduled by senior Obama adviser Axelrod on the steps of the Massachusetts Statehouse. The rowdy crowd drowned out the speakers at times with loud boos, blew bubbles at them when they were talking, and interrupted with chants of, “Five more months!”

“They were on our home turf,” campaign spokesman Ryan Williams said. “They had this botched sneak attack. This was personal for us since they were right up the block. We’re not just going to sit by and let them do that — we’re not weak.”


Exactly! And in another part of the article:

“I thought we were going to see John McCain all over again,” said Brad Thor, a bestselling novelist and popular figure on the right who supported Santorum. “But you know what? That fire I’ve felt for previous candidates, I’m starting to feel it. And that surprise presser at Solyndra was like pouring accelerant on the fire.”

Thor said when he heard about the Solyndra stunt, he cheered aloud: “Way to go Mitt!”

“My God, this is right out of Breitbart’s playbook. I love it!” he said. “I swear to God, if he roller skates into the DNC convention, or hijacks an Obama press conference — if he does either one of those I’m going to give my kid’s college money to his Super PAC.”

That appetite for confrontation has a particular appeal for the vibrant online right.

Exactly! Wow! This article has actually gotten me jazzed for the first time since Gingrich won in South Carolina. I don’t want McCain 2.0 or Bush 2.0. I want an articulate, knuckles-bared, passionate fighter for Conservativism. Romney may not be that yet, but I’m starting to see a tiny glimmer of hope. If he continues his journey, I may just finally start donating money to the Cause again.