First Black Lady Republican in Congress?

I sure hope so!

Hat Tip: Instapundit – but I caught this video about Mia Love, who yesterday won a chance to topple six-term Dem representative in Utah, Rep. Matheson.

Definitely go see it! She speaks like Marco Rubio, and it’s one heck  of an engaging and charismatic way to give a speech! Comments in the Washington Times reflect that the speech itself put her over the top. Also, I remember reading about her in the National Review a few months ago – she has a Rubio-esque story to tell as well.

Man, fact is, outside of the top of the ticket these days, we (Conservatives/Republicans) have a lot of great people with great stories to tell. Christie Noem, Palin, Jindal, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte (Sen from NH), Gov. Susana Martinez of NM, Gov. Walker of Wisconsin, Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ. Rep. Allen West.

And the beautiful thing about all these folks are – they are competent. They are values oriented. They accomplish “big things.” And the bench is DEEP. Just look at Rebecca Kleefisch, the Lt. Gov of Wisconson, and the other up and comers like Mia Love.

This new crop of conservatives take our ideology right into the opponents identity politics back yard (and their only argument left) and puts a spear to the heart of the concept.

No, we do not choose our candidates based on race or sex, but the other side does. Why not beat them at their own game by putting forward competent alternatives to the gas-bags of the Left? And that’s what is happening, and this is one conservative who’s pretty dang excited about it.

As Mrs. Love says in her speech, we are the Shining City on the Hill – now let’s win us some more elections!