Romney's Secret Plan

I have been very anti-Romney since Iowa. I absolutely loathed/hated/abhorred what he and his PAC stand-ins did to Newt in Florida. South Carolina proved that Newt was a contender and I still feel that the Establishment Right is forcing Romney down our throats.

Having said that – if the SCOTUS shuts down Obamacare, then Romney has a legitimate shot at winning the election.

Two other things happened this week. DeMint and Rubio. Well, and Rush’s comments and finally, Stephen F. Hayes’ article posted here. (I encourage you to read it; it helped change my mind, every so slightly, in regards to Romney…)


Here’s the deal. I don’t trust all that many politicians. I cannot STAND the nastiness of Romney’s team. However, I DO think he’s been burned, and burned badly by the media. I get this feeling that Romney has gone behind the scenes to the likes of DeMint and Rubio and said, “Hey guys, look. I can’t say what I’m going to do, because the Media is going to eat my lunch with it.  They did it in Massachusetts, and you know how nasty they are about my Mormonism as it is. But, whatever conservative bills you push across my desk as President, I will sign them. And I will nominate conservative Justices.”

I also think Rubio truly was impacted by Obama’s carelessness this week. Remember, this is a guy (Rubio) who has been more prominently impacted by Communism than anyone in the chamber, except McCain. Flippantly tossing out our extremely expensive missile defense matters.

So, what’s Romney’s plan? Duh. He was ring-side seated when it came to seeing how Obama was elected in this new modern age. Don’t tell the electorate what you really want to do. Line up the players ahead of time, and lay it all out after the voters have put you into office.

We just have to trust hope the people who are on the inside are right on their instincts.